I am a firm believer that blues and jazz are two most creative and inventive musical genres. You can hear blues and jazz everywhere: in movies, restaurants, slot games, in the best casino in the world while playing casino games such as blackjack or roulette, airplanes, and elevators! From all of them, slots are definitely my favorite ones. You would ask why slots? Because they are the most exciting ones, and with their no deposit bonuses, I win almost every time I play them. However, I do realize that there are different styles of music and people love different things.

I never try to convince someone that jazz is “better” than other style of music. To each their own. On the other hand, I would much prefer the world to be accepting of more top genres of music. For some reason, jazz and blues are withering away.

World Famous Artists

There are several names that do not let me sleep at nights. While I do respect all these artists very much, I would love the world to give other talented musicians the same amount of love and appreciation! Here are some of the most popular artists in 2019:

  • A Korean POP-music powerhouse is one of the biggest names in the music industry. It is hard to find those who have never heard about this boyband. They utilize different styles of music in their craft and always deliver stellar results. I actually enjoy their artistry very much and follow them on social media. They are great and deserve their fame!
  • Lady Gaga. After receiving an Oscar for the best original song, Lady Gaga started bathing in fame once again. I do not personally love her music and even public image, but it is hard to deny that Lady Gaga is one of the hardest working personalities in the POP-music industry. In terms of work ethics, she would give a run for their money to any blues artist!

Best Venues and Live Concerts in the US

Americans love all top genres of music. While POP and Rock are undisputed kings of the hill, country, blues, and jazz are also quite popular. In fact, USA is the only country in the world where these styles are striving! Various venues in the US regularly host outstanding performances and concerts that blues enthusiasts would love to visit.

Here are several upcoming and regular events that you may visit in 2019:

  • Monterey International blues Festival will take place in California, USA. The venue is Monterey County Fairgrounds. You will be able to listen to Blues at Eleven, Terrie Odabi, and Terry Hanck. The overall number of artists participating in the event is over 50. It is a great place to spend some quality time enjoying good music.
  • Mississippi Valley Blues Festival will take place at Murphy Park in East Moline, Iowa. It is a great destination for those who love blues music. The state is known for its love for blues. You can hear it everywhere: in casinos like Casino & Poker Rentals where you may play roulette and blackjack, in shopping malls, and other places of interest.

There are other great events that you may be interested in. In order to check them out, visit the page of BluesFestivalGuides with all possible destinations for those who love different styles of music including blues and jazz.

The Genealogy and History of Popular Music Genres

Most modern music genres like R’n’B, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, rock, and pop are extensions of the era of experimentation in music. You can find R’n’B’s roots in blues and jazz. Broken beat and many motives extensively used by trip-hop musicians are from rhythmic jazz sessions. I’m not saying that blues and jazz gave birth to all modern music, but yes…

Blues as Best Ambiance Music

Amongst top genres of music, blues is possibly one of the most beloved ones by those who enjoy calming melodies playing in the background. Blues is best used as ambient music for casinos. Even an online casino where you can get a casino bonus may use blues as their main background music for live dealer games. Take the best free deals at one of the best rated Canadian online casino sites at the CanadianNoDeposits website. We guarantee you will enjoy every bit of it, and the blues will be there for you too.

Top 5 Musicians who Rock the Casino World

I find it somewhat strange that blues, jazz, and casinos are so weirdly and intimately connected. Not only many famous musicians performed at renowned casino halls, but some of them are also great players and love to test their luck! I bet that many regularly visit online casinos and get their casino bonuses to relax listening to music from other creators! If you are not familiar with casino bonuses, then you are in for a real threat. No deposit bonuses are essentially free money that some online casinos give to players to incentivize them to register to their platform. These promotions are rare, so that is why we recommend this page to anyone who likes to play casino games, which will help you find the best offers from online casinos.

  • Nelly is well known for playing poker professionally. He has his own strategy and regularly visits casino halls all over the globe!
  • Steve Albini is a famous guitar player whose prominence as a pro poker player is nothing to scoff at. He placed 1st in a 300-person tourney!
  • Frank Sinatra was regular in many casino halls of Las Vegas. He performed live and often stayed to play roulette and poker.
  • Scott Ian who plays guitar for Anthrax is a well-performing poker player who participated in the World Series and managed to win a couple of smaller events.
  • Sean Combs is a rapper and loves playing blackjack. While he is not a professional gambler, he is one of those prominent POP music figures who popularizes a specific casino game.

The Main Takeaway

You can go to an online casino and register there to get a hefty casino bonus and immediately hear blues music! You don’t even have to have access to a computer. All you need is your cell phone and a site that offers the games and casino promos you can use to play for free. Take gambling entertainment with you everywhere you go with the fantastic selections on OnlineCasino-ON.com. While top genres of music bring joy to millions, blues is that cacophony of melodic sounds that you hear everywhere. I love top genres of music like POP and rock, but nothing can top blues for me personally!